Friday, 29 April 2011

Princess Kate HD Brows? Would you have them done?

Looking for some feedback from you all.

I was admiring the natural beauty of Kate Middleton today as she was marrying Prince William and noticed how defined her eye brows are - I am convinced that she has had the Nilam Patel & Karen Betts HD Brow treatment:    What I admire mostly if she has is the natural defined look compared to others I have seen with the HD Brow treatment.

It is described as a "New Definition in Eyebrow Shaping".  

Using a multi-step procedure including a variety of depilation techniques HD Brows' skills can be used to create the ultimate in 'High Definition Brows'.

The HD Brows look is not achieved by any one single procedure, despite taking its lead from the ancient art of threading; it is a combination of seven different procedures that achieve the final result.

It has been raved about my many A-list stars - as seen here.

So - before I take the plunge and invest in this training - would it be a treatment you would enjoy?  Does Princess Catherine inspire you to follow the trend in well defined and groomed eyebrows? Or - do you feel the treatment is over hyped?   Have you seen different news on Kates preferred brow treatment?

Please give me your opinions good or bad x x x

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