Thursday, 31 March 2011

Nail Design of the Day

Heres is todays Nail Design of the Day:

Unfortunately it is the clearest picture I have - they were done a while ago so so cant attempt to take a better picture.

It is a half moon design or reverse french as some call it - all done with Gelish Polish - and some added glitter and bling!  I just loved these. 

Njoy x x x

Beauty Tip of the Day - Super Fast Eye Makeup Remover

I have included this in my Tip of the Day because the product that for me works best at removing stubborn eye makeup isnt in fact a traditional Beauty Product at all!

image courtesy of :
There are a few different types of these you can use and I have found nothing that works better than .........

Basic Sweet Almond Oil!

Image courtesy of :
The reason I chose this particular image of hive almond oil is it is the one I use - because I have it in stock for a base oil for massages so it a dual purpose product for me.  It is naturally high in vitamins and the molecules are light enough to be absorbed into the skin too so as well as being great at removing that stubborn makeup it is great for improving your skin too!

Just remember to patch test your skin against any products - sweet almond oil is obviously a nut based product so you must make sure you are not going to cause you allergy problems in using it.

If you find it difficult to get hold of Sweet Almond oil then you could try Olive Oil - a staple which most of us have in our kitchen cupboards!  Its another light oil that does wonders for dry skin as well as removing that makeup.

If you are going to re-apply makeup straight after cleaning your skin with oil based products then you need to remove any traces of extra oil that are sitting on top of your skin or lashes say after 5 minutes or your may have problems in getting your makeup to stay on after.

Google Sweet Almond Oil and Olive Oil for your skin and you will see how many beauty or hair products actually contain these in their list of ingredients - because they do a great job!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Nail Design of the Day

So here is todays Nail Design of the Day:

This is the same set of nails that were featured yesterday but I added a little simple nail art to it.  This was added 2 weeks after the nails were done (as you can see with the re-growth by the cuticle) so you can really see how well the Gelish lasts as well as showing how effective some simple nail art is.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Nail Design of the Day

For today I thought I would show you another design I did a while ago now - a Colour fade Gel Polish Design using Gelish by Harmony.

I used the Good Gossip and Black shadow colours - notice that incredible shine - it stayed like that for over 3 weeks!  Not one chip or break - and stayed strong until I replaced them 3 weeks later!    Good going hey!

The Picture doesnt really do it justice - the red good gossip has an incredible holographic glitter to it - just like Dorothy's Slippers in Wizard of Oz!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Top Ten Makeup Countdown - Number 8 - Eyeshadow Bases/Primers!

Now I counted this type of product on its own because it is one that makes such a massive difference to the final look and allows the eye shadow to last all day as if it was only just applied.  Makes the eyeshadow job easier too!

I have a number of different brands products for this job.

Firstly Benefit Lemon-aid.  This is fab for lightening the look of your eyelid and correcting dark colour eye circles.  Not the best at keeping the eyeshadow in place though.  But, it is the one I would use more on a day to day basis for general wear.

Image courtesy of

I also use Artdeco's Eyeshadow Base from time to time - it is more of a natural feel, as are the ingredients but has a slight shimmer to it, which I dont always want in a base.  Doesnt always last a full day either.

But, my winning Eyshadow Base goes to...........................

Urban Decay Primer Potion!

Image Courtesy of  

This is a great Eye Shadow base product. When applied to the eyelid it has a kind of sticky feeling - which is great when you are applying a shadow on top but not so good on its own.

It has a very annoying bottle - almost impossible to get every last bit out due to the curvy shape of the bottle, but I hear good news in imminent and they are about to launch the product in a tube instead!  About time I say - dont know the launch date though.

Once the shadow is applied on top and the look finished it stays put all day - it almost seems a shame to remove your makeup when needed but wearing the same colour day after day gets a little boring so removal is a must :)

Nail Design of the Day

Hiya all.

Thought I would let you start to see some of the nail art designs I have either done or have played with.

Thought I would start with a simple design using the fab Shellac by CND semi permanent polish in Tutti fruiti and cream puff.  I think I also used a CND effect polish over the top too.

Let me know what you think.................

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Top Ten Makeup Countdown - Number 9 - Eyeshadows!

These day I only tend to wear eye shadow if I am going on a night out (not like some of my other makeup must wears) which doesnt tend to be as often I would like these days, but when I do go out it is the one area that I probably spend the most time on applying.

Over the years I have tried many different shadow powders and  shadow sticks but to cut it short there is really only two brand of shadows that I use now - MAC for the classic that I just cant let go of and my all time winner shadow brand which is ...................

Lily Lolo Mineral Shadow Powders!

image courtesy of

These shadow powders are so versatile - they are a lose powder so you can apply them as  classic powder for a fairly subtle look or you can apply them wet to really give those eyes the Wow Factor.

They are available in kits quite often which can be quite good value for money or you can buy them separately to get just the shades you want.

  • The mineral eyeshadow is free from harsh chemicals, nano particles, parabens, Bismuth Oxychloride, talc, synthetic dyes, fillers, fragrance and preservatives
  • Natural and gentle formula- all the benefits of mineral powders
  • Strong and vibrant mineral pigments
  • Silky and creamy eye colour, mineral eyeshadow has great staying power
  • 100% natural
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans 
Thanks for such great value and a great product Lily Lolo.

For those that "know me" know that I am a big fan of Lily Lolo products so keep watching a subscribe - you never know what other Lily Lolo products may crop up on here form time to time!

Fellow Bogger Giveaway -

For those of you out there who like to follow great Beauty Blogs you have just got to look at the following great blog:

Its great to share news of other bloggers and what they are doing - especially when they share the chance with us all of getting some great giveaway prizes - so get in there quick, (but dont ruin my chance of getting the great giveaway though).

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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Top Ten Makeup Countdown - Number 10 - Eyebrows!

OK - Number 10 on my list of Makeup Product types is for Eyebrows!

Image courtesy of: //
I use a number of products for eyebrows including brow pencils, eye powders and also eye brow gels.  I will also add that at the minute with current trends for hi-definition eyebrows I also favor eyebrow tinting.

Brow pencil are great for quickness if used lightly but can tend to look too drawn on if not used correctly and lightly.

Eye powders are Ok for adding thickness to brows that are not very dense but there is a knack on how to apply them.  Again, can look un-natural if not done correctly.  Can use some matt eyeshadows for this job to make them dual purpose.

Brow Gels are the one product I tend to use more often for myself - not always daily but are great for times when I need my brows to be kept in check when in-between brow waxing/shaping.  It is very quick to apply and can be done quite easily with the right product. 

Brow Tinting is a professional treatment that is ideally done when a professional brow shape is done.  Can look quite false when first done, but they do tend to settle within a few hours - a great way of getting great definition to your brows with very little in-between appointment maintenance.  I usually recommend that they are done every 1 to 2 months depending on growth and special occasions as they can fade before next appointment.

So - my Number 10 Makeup Product for Brows goes to ...............................

GOSH - Defining Brow Gel - Available from Superdrug.

"Transparant gel that helps control your brows. The formula tames unruly brows without leaving them stiff, flaky or sticky. This gel can be worn alone or layered over brow pencils or powders. Perfume free".

 What I like about this product is it is very natural looking and doesnt feel like you are wearing anything on your brows, but keeps them in check most of the day.   It is a low cost product at a RRP of £3.99 but GOSH often has a 3 for 2 offer so can even be purchased for free!

I have tried other low cost ones like Barry M dual mascara/brow definer but they do tend to leave your brows feeling a little 'stiff' and therefore feeling false!

Coming Next - My Top Ten Beauty Product Countdown!

Today is the day!   I have finally compiled my list of top ten.  I had great difficulty in trying to narrow things down to just 10, so I decided to split the categories into Top 10 Makeup and Top 10 Beauty products.

the other added problem I had is that I sometimes use different products for different looks so I have listed the Top 10 in each category as areas used to be able to accommodate the different products for different looks/situations.

It will all become clearer when you start to see the lists - each product type will be counted down on a daily basis - starting with Makeup!

Watch this space for number 10 makeup today!  

Drum role please ............................

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Coming Next - My Top Ten Beauty Product Countdown!

Coming soon will be my daily count down of the Beauty Products that are in my Top Ten of all time.

They will be from products I use myself as well as products that I use professionally - all will be available to everybody - not just professionals so watch this space! 

If I feel that enough new followers join the blog I will add a prize draw at the end of it - so please feel free to spread the word! 

x x x


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Fancy a Pamper Party?

I had a Professional Opportunity came my way a few weeks ago and to be honest I nearly brushed it aside - an invitation to do some work for a National Pamper Company.  I dont know why this time I looked a little further into it and thought - why not give it a go.

It involved carrying out some Pamper  treatments for a Hen Party group that was happening fairly near to me for 3 hours on a Saturday afternoon.  It was a fairly quiet week in my diary so thought I would give it a go.

Made all the arrangements with "My Pamper Party" based in Surrey so not local to me, but their communication was spot on and couldnt be faulted!

Turned up for the event and was also working with another Therapist who has worked for My Pamper Party before so she was a great help.  I carried out numerous manicure and facial treatments for a great group of ladies of all ages who were having a great time and were from all over the UK.  Kind of made me wish that this type of Hen Party was popular when I got married 20 years ago!

So - would I do this kind of party again - yes I would!   It was a fantastic afternoon and it was great to spend time with a group of ladies instead of the usual one 2 one and to also spend time with another therapist - made a great change when you are so used to working on your own doing treatments.

If you are thinking of arranging this type of part for a group of you then give a call.  0800 098 8125.  It can be for all kind of events:  Hen Parties  *  Birthdays  * Girls Night in  * Teens Parties  *  Make Overs  * Corporate Events  *   Charity Functions  *  Fundraisers - or even just a girly get together.

I hope to be working with them in the future as it was a great experience and something I can see taking off for lots of events.

Thanks My Pamper Party x x x

Monday, 14 March 2011

UV Nail Treatments - Are They Dangerous?

Although I am an expert at most professional nail treatments I am not an expert in the field of the science side of things in my beloved industry ( I thoroughly research about the science side of beauty though) - but thanks to my many great contacts throughout the world of beauty - I know and have met THE great research scientist of the Beauty Industry - the one and only great Doug Schoon.

There has been many discussions over the internet and in the media about use of Ultra Violet lights in the use of nail treatments and that UV lamps are unsafe for the skin - so is there any truth in it?
image courtesy of

Doug is the one man I would trust and turn to to find the answer and I am totally and 100% satisfied that thanks to the research carried out by Doug and his 2 colleagues Paul Bryson and Jim McConnell that used in the recommended way "the testing shows that UV nail lamps emit relatively low levels of UV light and these exposure levels are considered well within safe levels when they are used to perform UV artificial nail services in nail salons".   So YES IT IS SAFE!

See the attached link to see a report from the 3 guys for the full details of the tests that were carried out to show how false these claims really are!     Click on the link and you can down load a full copy of the report to see the evidence for yourselves!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Sharing blog post

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I phone blog app

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New Product Alert! - Models Own Smashed Up Crackle Polish!

Just got to let you all know about a range of new Crackle Polishes that is being Launched in April 2011 - Models Own Smashed Up Crackle Polishes!

For those that havent heard - Crackle Polishes are starting to take the nail world be storm with the 2 most popular currently being OPI Black Shatter (as promoted by Katy Perry) - and Barry M Instant Nail Effect Crackle Polish.   The problem with the ones I have manged to get hold of so far (cant get hold of the OPI one for love nor money - it is so popular its sold out) is that they are all in black!

The thing is about the Model Own version is that they are releasing 8 other crackle colours as well as black!  They are scheduled to launch towards the end of April 2011 in the UK so I will do a blog review of them as soon as I can get hold of them!  Great colour effects just in time for summer!
Keep looking for my own blog review coming soon! ...............

Friday, 11 March 2011

Beauty Tip of the Day - New Fast Drying Lumos Base and Top Coat Nail Polish

Do you have the regular polishing dilemma when in a rush - rushed to paint your nails to finish your look for a fabulous night out - and then go and smudge it before the night even starts?  

Dont skimp on using your base and top coats - use a good quality base and top which will help make your manicure look more professional.   A new brand called LUMOS has a fantastic Instant Impact BOTTOM & High Speed TOP Coat.  They are the fastest drying base and top coats I have ever seen - and believe me I have seen many!

Lumos Instant Impact BOTTOM Coat has such an advanced formulation that when applied, dries instantly as it chemically bonds to both nail plate and colour!

Lumos High Speed TOP Coat dries with amazing speed and luminous shine.  Nitrocellulose free and highly chip resistant for consistently and durable non-yellowing performance.

Both the Lumos Base Coat and Top Coat are available to purchase on the Products to Buy Tab above.

To ultimately finish off a perfect polish job drop some good quality cuticle oil over your polished nails.  Great for nourishing your nails and cuticles and will dry up any last bit of polish that are yet to dry.   The best cuticle oil by far has got to be Solar Oil by CND - It contains a unique blend of natural oils and Vitamin E, designed to deeply penetrate and protect skin and nails.

The top experts in the nail industry swear by it and it won the award of Best Beauty Buys by InStyle magazine and many other industry awards. It is not hard to see why. The containing jojoba oil carries Vitamin E deeply into the skin to help reduce visible signs of aging, and the sweet almond oil keeps skin soft and moisturised. It keeps natural nails, nail colour and nail enhancements tough and flexible and it smells delicious too. Not surprising why it is many of my clients' favourite cuticle oil.

Beauty Guild Competitions

Still time to enter loads of competitions on

Great site for information on the Professional Beauty Industry.

New Lily Lolo Try Me Ready Set Glow Kits

Those that know me know that I am a big fan of Lily Lolo mineral makeup products and I think that the new Ready Set Glow kits will go down a storm to those that want to try a lower budget range of great mineral makeup products.
Each kit contains 3 sample size (0.75g each) foundations with the Flawless Silk finishing (0.5g) powder and a lovely synthetic Baby Buki brush for application.

Light contains China Doll, Blondie, Barely Buff, Flawless Silk, Baby Buki.   Light Medium contains Warm Peach, In the Buff, Candy Cane, Flawless Silk, Baby Buki

Get over there quick to try them out before they all disappear!  Bet their stock doesnt last long!

BEAUTY: 'Skimp and splash' beauty buying

 Research by Mintel shown on shows that although 32% of those questioned havent changed their beauty spending habits in 2010 26% are spending less - showing a more fruggle attitude to products in line with current recession trends.