Sunday, 10 April 2011

Fit Flops - Can They Be Matched?

One of my loves in recent years has been my beloved Fit-Flops:

They are the most comfortable fashion foot wear I have used in many years, perhaps a sign of getting old but for me they have given me back the faith that you can feel good in good for you flat footwear again.  I have been a lover of my heels for many years so moving to something like these has been a massive thing!

It has been well documented on the good old t'inernet about the 'workout benefits of this type of footwear - I cant say for definite whether it works or not but I love the 'all day comfort' of them so that is why they are my big hit!

image courtesy of FitFlop

Now, to me the only down side is the price - I know to get a decent shoe you need to pay a decent price.  What I have seen is lots of cheaper alternatives around that say they do the same 'work out thing' for half the price.  But  do they 'DO the same job'?

I have to admit that I was enticed and intrigued by the cheaper price alternative - 'Trimsoles'

image courtesy of trimsoles

So I ordered some - have had them and worn them for a few weeks now and just dont think they have the same comfort factor.   On close inspection you can tell they are cheaper quality, which I can live with but time will tell if the 'comfort factor' improves. As regards the 'work out factor'? who knows ..........

Tell me your views x x x

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  1. Angela said

    I could not live without my Fitflops I have 4 pairs of sandals and one pair of boots I am addicted xx

    great blog xx