Thursday, 21 April 2011

Product Review - Eve Taylor Facial Brush

You know sometimes when you have had something for ages and never really tested it or used it - I have this week had one of those moments.  I was cleansing my face and saw on my bathroom shelf my Eve Taylor Facial Brush.

I had ran out of my favorite Germaine de Capuccini Cleanser and refuse to buy any more on the fact that they now are only aiming their really high prices for sale aimed at the Spa market - and have also changed their products too so my one time favorite is no longer available.

So I am using up stock of the different cleansers I have and haven't really settled on a new favorite - so I thought I would give my Eve Taylor Facial Brush another try with my current cleanser - and all I can say is OH MY!  My skin has not felt so clean and rejuvenated in a long time from such a simple product!

Eve Taylor say:

   Facial Brush

The brush will follow the contours of your face.
Massages and tones - without stretching or dragging the skin,
very effective.
Ideal for all skin types 
 What I do is slightly dampen the brush with water and after I have applied my cleanser I use the brush to massage over my skin.  It is nice and soft but you can really feel it stimulating your skin and feel those toxins just floating away!  I suppose you could also use it to massage your moisturiser in to your skin too.

I cant believe I didnt use it for so long - now I use it every day! 

I love it so much I have now made this product available to purchase here.   Look at the Products to buy page above or click for more information.

If I manage to record it successfully I may also do a youtube video of me cleaning my skin with the brush for you all to see it in action.

Enjoy x x x

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