Sunday, 3 April 2011

Have Your Feet Seen Daylight yet?

We are now in April and it is also officially Spring!  I cant believe I am saying this but we have had a few nice and sunny days this last week or 2, so I have decided to get my Fit-Flops out from the back of my wardrobe and get some fresh air around my feet, that have been well and truly hidden since last Autumn.

Well today has been the second day that my feet have seen daylight since they were unveiled for the season and have seen first hand how desperate my feet are for a good Luxury Pedicure and some serious Tanning!

One thing I have done is maintained my 'nice Gelish toe nails' throughout the winter so didnt have a problem there - just added a little nail art with some cool tricks I learned from one of my nail pals Ruth Fordham @ Nails in London (thanks Ruth - love the flower art) - I just aint brave enough to show you all yet due to the poor state of the rest of my feet!  So plan for this week - some self pampering with a fab CND Luxury Spa Pedicure and severe daily maintenance to get those feet back into tip top shape by next weekend

Have you got your feet out yet?..................

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