Friday, 29 April 2011

Princess Kate HD Brows? Would you have them done?

Looking for some feedback from you all.

I was admiring the natural beauty of Kate Middleton today as she was marrying Prince William and noticed how defined her eye brows are - I am convinced that she has had the Nilam Patel & Karen Betts HD Brow treatment:    What I admire mostly if she has is the natural defined look compared to others I have seen with the HD Brow treatment.

It is described as a "New Definition in Eyebrow Shaping".  

Using a multi-step procedure including a variety of depilation techniques HD Brows' skills can be used to create the ultimate in 'High Definition Brows'.

The HD Brows look is not achieved by any one single procedure, despite taking its lead from the ancient art of threading; it is a combination of seven different procedures that achieve the final result.

It has been raved about my many A-list stars - as seen here.

So - before I take the plunge and invest in this training - would it be a treatment you would enjoy?  Does Princess Catherine inspire you to follow the trend in well defined and groomed eyebrows? Or - do you feel the treatment is over hyped?   Have you seen different news on Kates preferred brow treatment?

Please give me your opinions good or bad x x x

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Nail Design of the Day - "Royal Wedding by David Barton"

I couldnt let this week go by without having a 'Nail Design of the Day' for the Royal Wedding and can think of no finer example than the 'Custom made Minx Design' that were done by David Barton for Grazia Magazine:

Image Courtesy of David Barton
David is a fantastic Session Nail Tech and is also the Nail Guru at Percy & Reed Salon in London.   David is a regular Nail Tech at the major Fashion Week Shows and has done numerous amount of high profile clients and fashion shoots too.  His work is just amazing and is admired all over the world!

Thanks for allowing us to share your work David x x x

News on Davids fab work is on his Facebook Page or Twitter.
Minx Nail Designs are a fab way of adding a 'Little Different Nail Art' to your manicure and is available from Beauty by Theresa.  See for details of this fab Minx Manciure Treatment.  There is so many different Minx Designs available that you would be totally spoilt for choice.  See here for the full list of available Minx Designs - for those of us approved to carry out this treatment we have the privilege of also being able to offer you the Royal Wedding Designs as featured by David above.

Enjoy x x x

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Product Review - Eve Taylor Facial Brush

You know sometimes when you have had something for ages and never really tested it or used it - I have this week had one of those moments.  I was cleansing my face and saw on my bathroom shelf my Eve Taylor Facial Brush.

I had ran out of my favorite Germaine de Capuccini Cleanser and refuse to buy any more on the fact that they now are only aiming their really high prices for sale aimed at the Spa market - and have also changed their products too so my one time favorite is no longer available.

So I am using up stock of the different cleansers I have and haven't really settled on a new favorite - so I thought I would give my Eve Taylor Facial Brush another try with my current cleanser - and all I can say is OH MY!  My skin has not felt so clean and rejuvenated in a long time from such a simple product!

Eve Taylor say:

   Facial Brush

The brush will follow the contours of your face.
Massages and tones - without stretching or dragging the skin,
very effective.
Ideal for all skin types 
 What I do is slightly dampen the brush with water and after I have applied my cleanser I use the brush to massage over my skin.  It is nice and soft but you can really feel it stimulating your skin and feel those toxins just floating away!  I suppose you could also use it to massage your moisturiser in to your skin too.

I cant believe I didnt use it for so long - now I use it every day! 

I love it so much I have now made this product available to purchase here.   Look at the Products to buy page above or click for more information.

If I manage to record it successfully I may also do a youtube video of me cleaning my skin with the brush for you all to see it in action.

Enjoy x x x

Nail Design of the Day - "Easter Eggs" by Tara.

As promised I will regularly feature a Nail Design and Nail Designer of the Day!

So as tomorrow is Good Friday I have seen no more Beautiful example of a perfect themed Nail Design than the Easter Egg Design by Tara @ For Your Nails Only Blog:

 I just love everything about this design - the fantastic spring colours used, they are on realistic wearable length nails, each nails is different - and just look at the amount of different polishes/products that Tara used to get this look:

Quote from Tara:
"For this manicure I used OPI Natural Nail Base Coat, What's With the Cattitude, Alpine Snow, Gargantuan Green Grape, Greenwich Village, Mrs. O' Leary's BBQ, Suzi Loves Cowboys, San Tantonio, Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow, The IT Color, Suzi Says Feng Shui, Chop-Sticking To My Story, Step Right Up!, You're Such a Kabuki Queen, and then I topped off with a coat of Seche Vite."

Here is Tara's fantastic blog:- .

Congratulations Tara and enjoy being my "Nail Designer of the Day" x x x

Sorry - Non Beauty Related Post - Royal Wedding Video :)

I apologise to all you Beauty lovers out theres who read my blog as this is a non Beauty related post!

But, for you Royal Wedding lovers (or even non Royal Wedding Followers) I have just got to show you this - I think it is so funny!  I am sure that Wills, Kate and especially Harry laughed at this too!: :)

Hope you enjoy it - I did! x x x


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Beauty by Theresa Web Site Re-Launch - Take a Look

As some of your may have noticed my image on this blog was different than that on my Beauty by Theresa website.   Well - no more! :)

I have updated my website to show the same new image as shown on here - pop over and take a look!

Enjoy x x x

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Beauty Tip of the Day

This is some great info from and

One of their latest series of Beauty Tips is for 7 genius lip tricks.  Really useful stuff  to make those lips just shout - LOOK AT ME! Click on the Link below:

In Style is one of my favorite magazines to read, as well as one of my favorite websites for All Things Beauty and Fashion related.  What I love about it is that it talks about sensibly priced items and products that are realistic to buy and wear - not just stuff that we dream of.

Enjoy x x x

Nails Magazine Blog! Thanks x x x

Had another great mention for my blog and its contents from Nails Magazine Blog Link Love - promoting my "Nail Design of the Day" feature. Thanks Nails Mag for your support. x x x

So thought I would return the favor and do a feature on Nails Magazine Blog too:

Nails Magazine Blog is a fab place where the editors of the Nails Magazine talk about all the great things that are going on in the nail industry from 'who is hot' to 'what is hot' and all the great things in between.  Being highly successful that Nails Magazine is, the Editors there know all there is to know about the nail world and is read and followed by many of the nails greats, past, present and future.

So - if you dont receive at least the Nails Magazine itself then you must follow the Editors Blog!

Oh - and dont forget to let me know if you want to be considered for my Nail Design of the Day Feature! A great way to get your name and designs known out there!

x x x

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Beauty Tip of the Day

Ever smudged your mascara over your nose or the side of your eye?

Dont rush to remove it!  Let it dry first.  If you remove it when it is wet you will just make the job harder to make it look good again - black smudges across your face is not a good look.

Once it has dried - get a damp cotton bud and lightly swipe across the area of the smudge - it will remove in a jiffy!  Or - get a concealer brush with a small amount of your foundation and wip over the smudge and the foundation will just lift the smudged mascara off!

If it was a waterproof mascara - get a small amount of a light oil (my favorite sweet almond oil or olive oil) on the tip of a cotton bud - after the smudge has dried just lightly swipe over with the oil to remove, then go over with a damp cotton bud to remove the oil and then use the concealer brush with foundation to cover the gap in your makeup if needed - done!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Thank you All!

Thank you all for your nice messages about my blog and its contents.

However, for it to be successful I need as many people as possible to become a follower and for the follower count on the right hand side to go up.   This will allow me to bring more product reviews to you too and more gossip on what is new in the world of nails and Beauty.

So please - click on the follow link to the right!  Dont forget there will be a giveaway prize draw for every 100 followers, but only those that follow with the 'follow google friend connect button' on the right will qualify.

Thank you all.

Theresa x x x

Nail Designs of the Day - Want to be Featured?

As some of you have seen I regularly feature a Nail Design of the Day.  What I would like to do is to do features on some of you fantastic Nail Artists out there with some of your fab designs.

So - if you would like to be featured on my Nail Design of the day - just follow this blog, contact me with your details and I will add you to my list.

Happy Nailing Day x x x

Monday, 11 April 2011

Feel Good Tip of the Day

After chatting to a fellow twitter and blogger of mine I thought it would be nice just to give you all a virtual on line hug.

I know there has been many times when i just wanted something to put a smile on my face -you know, those times when you feel a little sad and down in the dumps for no reason.

So I hope this little hug helps at least one of you feel slightly better on another wet and dreary Monday x x x

Childrens Sunscreen and Excema - Not a Good Mix?

Ok - this is a plea for info from you with children that suffer from Excema.  Which sunscreen is less likely to irretate?

A catch 22 situation - dont let them go out in warm sun without sunscreen - then they get irretated by the ingredients in the childrens sunscreen itself! 

So - feedback please on which product you have found most effective in situations like these.  There is nothing worse than 3 and 5 year olds that dont understand why they cant play outside in the sunshine!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Fit Flops - Can They Be Matched?

One of my loves in recent years has been my beloved Fit-Flops:

They are the most comfortable fashion foot wear I have used in many years, perhaps a sign of getting old but for me they have given me back the faith that you can feel good in good for you flat footwear again.  I have been a lover of my heels for many years so moving to something like these has been a massive thing!

It has been well documented on the good old t'inernet about the 'workout benefits of this type of footwear - I cant say for definite whether it works or not but I love the 'all day comfort' of them so that is why they are my big hit!

image courtesy of FitFlop

Now, to me the only down side is the price - I know to get a decent shoe you need to pay a decent price.  What I have seen is lots of cheaper alternatives around that say they do the same 'work out thing' for half the price.  But  do they 'DO the same job'?

I have to admit that I was enticed and intrigued by the cheaper price alternative - 'Trimsoles'

image courtesy of trimsoles

So I ordered some - have had them and worn them for a few weeks now and just dont think they have the same comfort factor.   On close inspection you can tell they are cheaper quality, which I can live with but time will tell if the 'comfort factor' improves. As regards the 'work out factor'? who knows ..........

Tell me your views x x x

Shellac by CND - Nail Art Video for Professionals

For you CND professionals out there here is a great video by Jan Arnold from CND on a few Nail Art Techniques that can be achieved using the Shellac Semi Permanent Polish:

There is no you tube link available as of yet as it is a professional only product, for which authorisation is needed from CND to access their Video Library.

There is also written step by step info available on the same page which helps too.

image courtesy of
Some great effect on there from Flowers, circles and stripes to Leopard and Tortoise Shell! 

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Miracle Manicure - will it transform Polish Manicures for Ever?

I read with great anticipation about the new Miracle Manicure Base Coat by Tammy Taylor that is being launched later in April.  If available in the UK (I know it will be in the US) I would imagine it will completely transform regular polish manicures.

As described by Nails Magazine Blog:
"It’s a light-cured base coat that can make any regular nail polish last like a gel-polish, Tammy says. Today, she and several members of her team visited the NAILS office and gave us all “Miracle Manicures.”  Two coats of the Miracle Manicure base coat totally smoothed out my nail ridges so that my polish looks smooth, and it has a shinier finish than a polish manicure usually does. (I’d say the shine level is comparable to that of a gel manicure.) Actually, I just thought of two more things I like about it: This new base coat actually makes the polish dry faster than it usually does (about five times faster, Tammy says"

Image Courtesy of Nail Magazine Blog - using Tammy Taylor L A Red Polish

I am desperately trying to find out if it is going to be available in the the and as to who the supplier will be - watch this space!

Mails Magazine Blog - Miracle Manicure Blog

Reached the Nails Magazine Reading List!

I found out some great news about my blog today - It has appeared on the Nails Magazine Blog Read List!

Thanks for that Nails magazine - a great way to spread the word of my blog and what I do!

x x x

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

$51,000 manicure?

I came across an article yesterday in the discussing a new Manicure that has been launched in Dubai - costing $51,000!

It has been called the most 'exclusive pamper treatment' on the market today and is called 'The Iced Manicure.  This over-the-top luxurious treatment for your toughened Nails features an arrangement of 10 carats worth of diamonds and costs $51,000. This is a very exclusive treatment and can only be obtained following a consultation with the owner of the nail art bar herself and her team of diamond manicure experts.

image courtesy of

Apparently, after an exclusive consultation, the team at Cherish…Me will travel anywhere in the world to adorn a client’s hands with the Iced Manicure. The aftercare service includes the removal of the stones and another consultation to create a unique piece of jewelry using the retrieved diamonds. (I was wondering what they’d do with the diamonds once the enhancements start growing out.)

So - who wants to sign up for a regular treatment for this one with me?    I wish!     A little disturbing as the Cherish...Me website is currently 'under construction' since  the details of this manicure was released to the press!   Well may be next week then?............. :)

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Have Your Feet Seen Daylight yet?

We are now in April and it is also officially Spring!  I cant believe I am saying this but we have had a few nice and sunny days this last week or 2, so I have decided to get my Fit-Flops out from the back of my wardrobe and get some fresh air around my feet, that have been well and truly hidden since last Autumn.

Well today has been the second day that my feet have seen daylight since they were unveiled for the season and have seen first hand how desperate my feet are for a good Luxury Pedicure and some serious Tanning!

One thing I have done is maintained my 'nice Gelish toe nails' throughout the winter so didnt have a problem there - just added a little nail art with some cool tricks I learned from one of my nail pals Ruth Fordham @ Nails in London (thanks Ruth - love the flower art) - I just aint brave enough to show you all yet due to the poor state of the rest of my feet!  So plan for this week - some self pampering with a fab CND Luxury Spa Pedicure and severe daily maintenance to get those feet back into tip top shape by next weekend

Have you got your feet out yet?..................

Follower Giveaway!

Ok folks!

To help spread the word on the exciting stuff on here I am going to have a follower give away draw for every 100 followers I have. 

So to increase the number of 'follower giveaways' please spread the word and ask your friends to follow the blog too.  As we get closer to the required numbers I will update you all so your can keep an eye on what is going on - so if you want to be qualify for thegiveaway prizes then you must become a follower too!

Happy following x x x

How to Follow?

I know sometimes when I go into a blog I really like I struggle on 'how' or 'where' to follow any new posts that blog will have in the future.

So, I have therefore put a special gadget for you all to use on the right hand side of this page, near the top!  If you click on the "follow with Google Friend Connect"  button it will ask you how you would like to follow the blog - click on the most appropriate option for you.  I believe if you follow through google then you will have a summary of any new post put on your google home page.

Another option to follow is to subscribe via the "follow by email" button on the same side of the screen but further down.  That way I believe you will get a weekly e-mail detailing any new posts.

Hope this all makes sense and please leave me a comment on how easy it was to follow - or not! :)  (I wont bite or take offence - honest)!
If you belong to Facebook NetworkedBlogs  then why not click on that section on the right hand side and you can follow that one too!

Saturday, 2 April 2011


Oh how I love my postman today - no bills - and a triple delight of The Nail File Magazine, The Salon Magazine and Scratch Magazine - all in day!

I may be gone reading for a while - but dont worry I will update you all on what fab new stuff is coming up!

Stay tuned!

Friday, 1 April 2011

Nail Design of the Day

Here is todays Nail Design of the Day!

These again were done some time ago - I used Bio Sculpture Sechelle Sands Gel and added Nail Graphix Diamonds in the Rough to give the very blingy look.  You have just got to see these glitters in real life to appreciate the sparkle in them.  The photo doesnt do it justice!

Can you tell I love a "bit of bling" :)

Nail Graphix is available from Fiona at   They have the widest range of glitters I have ever seen - the glitters are specially formulated for use in any Nail liquid & powder or gel system for nails, and exclusively designed to be safe and durable.  

Just have a loot at Fiona's site to see the massive choice - and she is even a fab Nail Tech and makes beautiful hand made jewellery too!