Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Beauty Tip of the Day

Ever smudged your mascara over your nose or the side of your eye?

Dont rush to remove it!  Let it dry first.  If you remove it when it is wet you will just make the job harder to make it look good again - black smudges across your face is not a good look.

Once it has dried - get a damp cotton bud and lightly swipe across the area of the smudge - it will remove in a jiffy!  Or - get a concealer brush with a small amount of your foundation and wip over the smudge and the foundation will just lift the smudged mascara off!

If it was a waterproof mascara - get a small amount of a light oil (my favorite sweet almond oil or olive oil) on the tip of a cotton bud - after the smudge has dried just lightly swipe over with the oil to remove, then go over with a damp cotton bud to remove the oil and then use the concealer brush with foundation to cover the gap in your makeup if needed - done!

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