Saturday, 9 April 2011

Miracle Manicure - will it transform Polish Manicures for Ever?

I read with great anticipation about the new Miracle Manicure Base Coat by Tammy Taylor that is being launched later in April.  If available in the UK (I know it will be in the US) I would imagine it will completely transform regular polish manicures.

As described by Nails Magazine Blog:
"It’s a light-cured base coat that can make any regular nail polish last like a gel-polish, Tammy says. Today, she and several members of her team visited the NAILS office and gave us all “Miracle Manicures.”  Two coats of the Miracle Manicure base coat totally smoothed out my nail ridges so that my polish looks smooth, and it has a shinier finish than a polish manicure usually does. (I’d say the shine level is comparable to that of a gel manicure.) Actually, I just thought of two more things I like about it: This new base coat actually makes the polish dry faster than it usually does (about five times faster, Tammy says"

Image Courtesy of Nail Magazine Blog - using Tammy Taylor L A Red Polish

I am desperately trying to find out if it is going to be available in the the and as to who the supplier will be - watch this space!

Mails Magazine Blog - Miracle Manicure Blog

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