Wednesday, 6 April 2011

$51,000 manicure?

I came across an article yesterday in the discussing a new Manicure that has been launched in Dubai - costing $51,000!

It has been called the most 'exclusive pamper treatment' on the market today and is called 'The Iced Manicure.  This over-the-top luxurious treatment for your toughened Nails features an arrangement of 10 carats worth of diamonds and costs $51,000. This is a very exclusive treatment and can only be obtained following a consultation with the owner of the nail art bar herself and her team of diamond manicure experts.

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Apparently, after an exclusive consultation, the team at Cherish…Me will travel anywhere in the world to adorn a client’s hands with the Iced Manicure. The aftercare service includes the removal of the stones and another consultation to create a unique piece of jewelry using the retrieved diamonds. (I was wondering what they’d do with the diamonds once the enhancements start growing out.)

So - who wants to sign up for a regular treatment for this one with me?    I wish!     A little disturbing as the Cherish...Me website is currently 'under construction' since  the details of this manicure was released to the press!   Well may be next week then?............. :)

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