Monday, 14 March 2011

UV Nail Treatments - Are They Dangerous?

Although I am an expert at most professional nail treatments I am not an expert in the field of the science side of things in my beloved industry ( I thoroughly research about the science side of beauty though) - but thanks to my many great contacts throughout the world of beauty - I know and have met THE great research scientist of the Beauty Industry - the one and only great Doug Schoon.

There has been many discussions over the internet and in the media about use of Ultra Violet lights in the use of nail treatments and that UV lamps are unsafe for the skin - so is there any truth in it?
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Doug is the one man I would trust and turn to to find the answer and I am totally and 100% satisfied that thanks to the research carried out by Doug and his 2 colleagues Paul Bryson and Jim McConnell that used in the recommended way "the testing shows that UV nail lamps emit relatively low levels of UV light and these exposure levels are considered well within safe levels when they are used to perform UV artificial nail services in nail salons".   So YES IT IS SAFE!

See the attached link to see a report from the 3 guys for the full details of the tests that were carried out to show how false these claims really are!     Click on the link and you can down load a full copy of the report to see the evidence for yourselves!

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