Monday, 28 March 2011

Top Ten Makeup Countdown - Number 8 - Eyeshadow Bases/Primers!

Now I counted this type of product on its own because it is one that makes such a massive difference to the final look and allows the eye shadow to last all day as if it was only just applied.  Makes the eyeshadow job easier too!

I have a number of different brands products for this job.

Firstly Benefit Lemon-aid.  This is fab for lightening the look of your eyelid and correcting dark colour eye circles.  Not the best at keeping the eyeshadow in place though.  But, it is the one I would use more on a day to day basis for general wear.

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I also use Artdeco's Eyeshadow Base from time to time - it is more of a natural feel, as are the ingredients but has a slight shimmer to it, which I dont always want in a base.  Doesnt always last a full day either.

But, my winning Eyshadow Base goes to...........................

Urban Decay Primer Potion!

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This is a great Eye Shadow base product. When applied to the eyelid it has a kind of sticky feeling - which is great when you are applying a shadow on top but not so good on its own.

It has a very annoying bottle - almost impossible to get every last bit out due to the curvy shape of the bottle, but I hear good news in imminent and they are about to launch the product in a tube instead!  About time I say - dont know the launch date though.

Once the shadow is applied on top and the look finished it stays put all day - it almost seems a shame to remove your makeup when needed but wearing the same colour day after day gets a little boring so removal is a must :)

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