Saturday, 26 March 2011

Top Ten Makeup Countdown - Number 10 - Eyebrows!

OK - Number 10 on my list of Makeup Product types is for Eyebrows!

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I use a number of products for eyebrows including brow pencils, eye powders and also eye brow gels.  I will also add that at the minute with current trends for hi-definition eyebrows I also favor eyebrow tinting.

Brow pencil are great for quickness if used lightly but can tend to look too drawn on if not used correctly and lightly.

Eye powders are Ok for adding thickness to brows that are not very dense but there is a knack on how to apply them.  Again, can look un-natural if not done correctly.  Can use some matt eyeshadows for this job to make them dual purpose.

Brow Gels are the one product I tend to use more often for myself - not always daily but are great for times when I need my brows to be kept in check when in-between brow waxing/shaping.  It is very quick to apply and can be done quite easily with the right product. 

Brow Tinting is a professional treatment that is ideally done when a professional brow shape is done.  Can look quite false when first done, but they do tend to settle within a few hours - a great way of getting great definition to your brows with very little in-between appointment maintenance.  I usually recommend that they are done every 1 to 2 months depending on growth and special occasions as they can fade before next appointment.

So - my Number 10 Makeup Product for Brows goes to ...............................

GOSH - Defining Brow Gel - Available from Superdrug.

"Transparant gel that helps control your brows. The formula tames unruly brows without leaving them stiff, flaky or sticky. This gel can be worn alone or layered over brow pencils or powders. Perfume free".

 What I like about this product is it is very natural looking and doesnt feel like you are wearing anything on your brows, but keeps them in check most of the day.   It is a low cost product at a RRP of £3.99 but GOSH often has a 3 for 2 offer so can even be purchased for free!

I have tried other low cost ones like Barry M dual mascara/brow definer but they do tend to leave your brows feeling a little 'stiff' and therefore feeling false!

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