Friday, 11 March 2011

Beauty Tip of the Day - New Fast Drying Lumos Base and Top Coat Nail Polish

Do you have the regular polishing dilemma when in a rush - rushed to paint your nails to finish your look for a fabulous night out - and then go and smudge it before the night even starts?  

Dont skimp on using your base and top coats - use a good quality base and top which will help make your manicure look more professional.   A new brand called LUMOS has a fantastic Instant Impact BOTTOM & High Speed TOP Coat.  They are the fastest drying base and top coats I have ever seen - and believe me I have seen many!

Lumos Instant Impact BOTTOM Coat has such an advanced formulation that when applied, dries instantly as it chemically bonds to both nail plate and colour!

Lumos High Speed TOP Coat dries with amazing speed and luminous shine.  Nitrocellulose free and highly chip resistant for consistently and durable non-yellowing performance.

Both the Lumos Base Coat and Top Coat are available to purchase on the Products to Buy Tab above.

To ultimately finish off a perfect polish job drop some good quality cuticle oil over your polished nails.  Great for nourishing your nails and cuticles and will dry up any last bit of polish that are yet to dry.   The best cuticle oil by far has got to be Solar Oil by CND - It contains a unique blend of natural oils and Vitamin E, designed to deeply penetrate and protect skin and nails.

The top experts in the nail industry swear by it and it won the award of Best Beauty Buys by InStyle magazine and many other industry awards. It is not hard to see why. The containing jojoba oil carries Vitamin E deeply into the skin to help reduce visible signs of aging, and the sweet almond oil keeps skin soft and moisturised. It keeps natural nails, nail colour and nail enhancements tough and flexible and it smells delicious too. Not surprising why it is many of my clients' favourite cuticle oil.

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