Thursday, 31 March 2011

Beauty Tip of the Day - Super Fast Eye Makeup Remover

I have included this in my Tip of the Day because the product that for me works best at removing stubborn eye makeup isnt in fact a traditional Beauty Product at all!

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There are a few different types of these you can use and I have found nothing that works better than .........

Basic Sweet Almond Oil!

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The reason I chose this particular image of hive almond oil is it is the one I use - because I have it in stock for a base oil for massages so it a dual purpose product for me.  It is naturally high in vitamins and the molecules are light enough to be absorbed into the skin too so as well as being great at removing that stubborn makeup it is great for improving your skin too!

Just remember to patch test your skin against any products - sweet almond oil is obviously a nut based product so you must make sure you are not going to cause you allergy problems in using it.

If you find it difficult to get hold of Sweet Almond oil then you could try Olive Oil - a staple which most of us have in our kitchen cupboards!  Its another light oil that does wonders for dry skin as well as removing that makeup.

If you are going to re-apply makeup straight after cleaning your skin with oil based products then you need to remove any traces of extra oil that are sitting on top of your skin or lashes say after 5 minutes or your may have problems in getting your makeup to stay on after.

Google Sweet Almond Oil and Olive Oil for your skin and you will see how many beauty or hair products actually contain these in their list of ingredients - because they do a great job!


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