Saturday, 12 March 2011

New Product Alert! - Models Own Smashed Up Crackle Polish!

Just got to let you all know about a range of new Crackle Polishes that is being Launched in April 2011 - Models Own Smashed Up Crackle Polishes!

For those that havent heard - Crackle Polishes are starting to take the nail world be storm with the 2 most popular currently being OPI Black Shatter (as promoted by Katy Perry) - and Barry M Instant Nail Effect Crackle Polish.   The problem with the ones I have manged to get hold of so far (cant get hold of the OPI one for love nor money - it is so popular its sold out) is that they are all in black!

The thing is about the Model Own version is that they are releasing 8 other crackle colours as well as black!  They are scheduled to launch towards the end of April 2011 in the UK so I will do a blog review of them as soon as I can get hold of them!  Great colour effects just in time for summer!
Keep looking for my own blog review coming soon! ...............

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