Tuesday, 31 May 2011

MYscara Before and After Pictures

This is my lashes with No Mascara - cant believe I actually took a photo of my eyes with no makeup on!

And this is my eye lashes after having the MYscara treatment:

I took both pictures in the natural daylight and the second day was a brighter day - but you can still see the difference in the lashes! 

The MYscara treatment was done 2 days ago - it felt very strange to sleep with what felt like eye makeup on and did take a little getting used to, but feels fine now!  It certainly makes life easier when putting my makeup on in the morning!     I also giggled to myself when I had a bath last night - normally if I havent removed my makeup the mascara would have ran all down my face and look like I had been crying for a week - but not last night! It just looked as good when I got out of the bath as when I went in!

This is going to be just perfect for holidays.  I just hate going to the beech or pool with no eye makeup but always had to as by the end of the day it would be all down my face - but not now!  MYscara will keep my lashes looking perfect for the whole holiday - and beyond!

Do you live in the Cheadle, Staffordshire Moorlands or Stoke on Trent areas?  Ring me to book in for this fabulous treatment today!   07811 114280.

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