Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Inch Loss Body Wrap - Shrinking Violet

Just got to tell you all about a brand new treatment that is going to be launched soon - The Shrinking Violet Body Wrap!

Create by Tibby Olivier (fab creator of the Faith Lift System) - Shrinking Violet is reported to be a highly effective body wrap that breaks down FAT and gives longer lasting results in inch loss.  It is around 3 x more active that other body wraps as it contains Phosphatidylcholine (lyposis) that really targets fat cells, not water like other wrap treatments on the market.

It is said to be perfect for those who wish to squeeze into that 'Little Black Dress' for a party or a great confidence booster for those undertaking a weight reduction programme.  A course of treatments is recommended to optimise the results.

Body Sculpture and Arm Sculpture home care products will also be available from Authorised Salons which should help to maintain and prolong your treatment in between salon appointments.

Although it has been tried and tested by the creator it is yet to be launched in Salons (will be a Professional Wrap Treatment) but you can be assured that as soon as the results of this treatment have been tried and tested (by me of course when it is released) this will be the first place for me to tell you all about it!

It is being distributed by Tibby Olivier - Therapists will need to be qualified to offer this treatment and they will be looking to add this products to their website as soon as it is available.

So pay a visit back soon to see the feedback as soon as it becomes available.

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