Sunday, 29 April 2012

Artistic Gel Polish Colour Fade - Step by Step

Many of you Professional Nail people out there have been asking how I achieve the colour fade look that so many of my clients are having this season.  So, with the kind permission of Louella Belle, UK Artistic Colour Gloss Distributor I have done some simple step by step photos and video to show you how I achieve the look:

 The colours used in this example are Lovely, Trendy, Diva Chic and Princess.  I dont always use this number of colours as it all depends on what finish the client is looking for. 
The recommended preparation/application guidelines given by the manufacturer for all products must be followed on all occasions to achieve that professional look. 

Step 1.  Apply the  Bonding layer as normal and cure for the recommended time.
Step 2.  Apply the first coat of colour as you would for a normal overlay and cure - in this example 'lovely' was used.  As the  colour stick was clear I applied 2 coats of this colour and cured in between each layer.  
 Step 3.  This is the first stage that is different than a normal colour overlay.  Instead of applying the next colour with a brush I actually apply it with a sponge.  In this example I used a make-up sponge but have tried different sponges which each give a slightly different effect.  Try different ones yourself and see which you prefer.   The colour I used here was 'Trendy'.

Cure after sponging this colour on.

Below is a brief video showing the technique to apply this first colour:

This image shows how it looks after this colour has been applied.
Step 4.  Apply the next deeper colour using the same sponging method, but only apply over the tip of the nail where the darker colour is needed.
This shows how the fade looks after the last colour has been applied with the sponge and cured.

Step 5.  Apply the sparkle colour 'Princess' over the whole nail as normal with the brush and cure.

Step 6.  Apply the Glossing Gel layer as normal over the whole nail and cure to seal the design and add that fabulous shine!

This is the finished look used with the above steps and give you a brief guide.  However, this step by step is just a great introduction to the 'Artistic Design Class' which will give you even better hands on experience for learning this technique and lots of other designs too.  

This method may vary from that in the Artistic Design Class and I also vary the method I use depending on which colours the clients would like and the finished look they want.  So, go ahead and experiment and find a way that works for you.

Thank you to Louella Belle for your permission in allowing me to publish this 'step by step guide' .

If this proves popular let me know if there is a particular nail design you would like to know how to do and I will see what I can do.  Please feel free to add comments on here.

For that added bit of giggle - lets see if you can guess what I was watching whilst recording the video and what other multi-task duty I was also doing at the same time!?!?! (hit - you may need to turn your speaker volume up)  . . . . .   Answers on a Post Card to Beauty by Theresa x x x    lol

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