Tuesday, 27 March 2012

New Gel Paints

My My My!  What a neglected blog this is!

Anyhow - I have been a busy busy bee as of late with all those clients on the run up to Xmas and the usual Xmas illnesses I seem to end up with every year, but I am now back to the land of the living!

Well a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a Gel Polish Design workshop on Birmingham held by the fantastic Sam Biddle.  We had the benefit of learning more about different designs that can be achieved with Gel Polish (those of you that know me well know what a big fan of gel polishes I am) and we also got to have a play with the new Gel Paints that Sam has recently launched.

Now, I am not an artist at all but the fab thing about these gel paints is you can play about with them for as lon as you want - and they wont dry(or cure as they are a gel) until they go into the UV or LED lamp.  The hardest thing to get used to is they are a paint and need to be used like a paint but they feel like a gel.  But once you get your head around that you have the best of both worlds!
Here is a picture of my first attempt at playing with them - more practice is needed but as a complete none artist I am quite chuffed with my efforts!   I certainly need to have a few lessons on light and shade thats for sure - if there was ever a time I wish I had paid more attention to the art classes as school it was now.

I am trying to get a clearer picture of this to show you but this gives you an idea for now.

I also loved some of the different design techniques we learned with gel polishes - the great thing I liked about these designs is they can be used quite easily on salon nails - without being too much of an artist!

I will do a separate update on the gel polish designs - hopefully a little bit quicker than this blog.

Bye bye for now. x x x


  1. Also just invested in Sam's gel paints and finding the pigments really great.....really good to be able to 'play' without worrying about a drying time! Well worth the investment if you want to improve on your artistic options! Lyndsay @ Tough as Nails x

  2. Thats great Lynds. Dont forget to share your creations with us.