Friday, 11 November 2011

Cant Afford a Face Lift? - Try a Faith Lift Instead!

I recently had the opportunity to try a brand new product that has come onto the market that claims to be: 

"a non surgical facelift system that gives dramatic results your clients will love even after just one treatment" 

"Faith Lift non-surgical facelift gives dramatic results in an instant, it lifts, tones and firms leaving the complexion refined and radiant giving you a younger fresher look"

Now - being a person of 'above the age of having the most youthful looking skin' (for those younger ones out there - that is above the age of 25!  I know!!!) I couldn't turn this opportunity down of trying it out!

So thanks to Enhance Direct I set aside some time last week to try this facial mask out!  

As a fully trained Facial Therapist it is recommended that this mask is initially used as part of a full facial  - for those of you that aren't a training facial expert thats a thorough double cleanse, exfoliation preferably with a foaming sugar exfoliator and tone.  Then its time to apply the 'mask'.   

The mask product is like a thick gloopy gel compared to many other masks I have used, so the application method is one that needs to be followed and practised to get it right.  The full details are all provided on how this is best done luckily or you could end up with a right sticky mess!  

Once the mask is applied you need to avoid any facial movement as the product dries for 10 minutes (for a firmer lift it is best left on for 30 minutes which I did - I need all the help I can get).  Now don't be alarmed by the tightening sensation as the mask begins the lifting and toning process.  Its is a very weird feeling and if you do move the mask will potentially crack therefore not achieving the best results - this I know from experience and turned my neck during the first 10 minutes and it just looked like my skin was just peeling away!  So the best thing is once applied take some chill out time and lie completely still.  Which if you are having this done as part of a professional facial treatment is a great opportunity to re-charge those batteries and maybe perhaps have a little power nap too!

When the mask is dried it feels very tight on your skin and - when I looked in the mirror I looked just like an alien is disguise!  And also looked like I had aged by 50 years all in one go!!!!  Not a nice look - just for a laugh have a look at the picture of me just before I took the mask off! Although I do feel a public warning needs to be issued first!!!!!!   I cant believe I am actually showing you guys a picture of me with no makeup on!!!!

You can see from this where I moved my necked and the mask cracked so if you try this out avoid doing this if you can.  When the mask is dried it can be quite painful to try and talk so dont go and answer the phone when it rings!!!!!

A good 30 minutes later I removed the mask with warm mittens and after looking in the mirror before I took the mast off I felt a little concerned to say the least - well what a pleasant surprise I had.  I applied my normal daily moisturiser and my skin felt fantastic!  It was lovely and smooth  and really hydrated and plump (if that makes sense).   When I looked in the mirror what I saw wasnt a face that looked like had gone through surgery to remove the excess baggage but that healthy glow that certainly looked younger and more healthy than it did before.  The lines around my eyes were less obvious than before and for a while after I had that feeling in my eyes - as if my muscles around them were being pulled tighter and therefore making my eyes smart slightly - so I know that the muscle tightening effect was still working for some hours after.  

Faith Lift is an easy-to-use mask that works to gently stimulate circulation and increase blood supply to help restore the skin''s muscle tone and elasticity. It leaves the face looking and feeling firmer with a fresher, brighter and more youthful complexion.

When I put my makeup on the day after my skin still felt great and made me feel more confident and yes - I did feel like it was putting my makeup on younger skin!

Unfortunately I havent got any before or after photos of my experience to show you.  I was so pleased with how I felt about my skin I forgot that I would be showing you guys too.   

So I have attached here some photos of 'before and after' shots provided via Enhance Direct Faith Lift Facebook page and as you can see for yourselves the difference is amazing:   And this is just after the first faith lift treatment.

What not to expect -'dont expect miracles to happen' - it wont cut away the excess skin that was there before like face lift surgery does.  'Dont expect permanent ever lasting results' - it is recommended that to maximise the results you should have the treatment done twice within the first week and then weekly for 5 weeks, then monthly maintenance thereafter.   So to keep this result going you need to be committed to maintaining your treatments schedule.   But once you start receiving this facial you should be able to buy the faith lift mask from your facialist.    Personally I would recommend that my client come to have this done professionally at least once per month as a full facial treatment.

This is a very new treatment so you may not have heard about it before but Enhance Direct and Faith Lift have also just launched the face cream and eye cream to maximise the ongoing effect on a daily basis and have also launched a 'Faith Lift' Lip treatment which I am going to look into more at a later date.

I am so impressed with this treatment I shall be offering this as a treatment to my clients as a professional treatment and will also add the new Face Cream and Eye Cream as part of my retail products too.

For you Professional Facialists that would also like to try this system out - contact Jane or Lyndsay at Enhance Direct:

or their Facebook page:  Faith Lift or Enhance Direct

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