Thursday, 25 August 2011

Nail Design of the Day - Gelish Efx Design - A little Multi Colour

It is time for me to do my nails again - but just didnt have a clue what to do!!! (I am sure there is a song in there somewhere) :)

So - fancied using the Gelish Efx colours but didnt know which one - so I ended up with 4 of them!

Because I was messing about for so long not knowing what I wanted to do with them - I started with a base colour of Night Shimmer (shimmery silver white) on all my nails.  I played about with the Aurora Efx colours for a while and ended up with 2 feature nails (thumb and ringer fingers) as you can see above.

Now, the next question is - do I keep the design as feature nails or do I do this design on all the nails?  What do you guys think?  All or feature? 

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