Monday, 15 August 2011

Artistic Colour Gloss - a Little Too Posh?

For those of you that love Gelish semi permanent polish (for those that dont know I am a big fan too) may have heard of the similar product Colour Gloss - by Artisitic Nail Design.

Artistic Colour Gloss is the brainchild of top Hollywood ‘Man’-icurist Tom Bachik, who has tended the fingertips of A-listers from Victoria Beckham to BeyoncĂ©.  Tom trained in graphic design, but with a family to support, he called time on his days as a ‘starving artist’ to work as a nail artist. He was drawn to the beauty industry and nails in particular, because he saw virtually limitless opportunities to express his creativity.

Considered the industry’s go-to nail guy, Tom has a list of credits as long as his arm. From the Golden Globes to the Emmys, Good Housekeeping to Vogue, his work can be seen on the fingers and toes of the Hollywood elite.  His latest venture is Artistic Colour Gloss, the professional soak off gel polish treatment. He saw the need for a product to suit busy people who want perfectly-groomed nails without the need for weekly appointments.

Tom is more than just a figurehead for the brand – he is passionately involved with every aspect of its development, from the creative to the technical.

Now you professionals out there will think - "this is no different than Gelish?" and I think you are probably right.  To me even most of the colours looked identical - but just called a different name.   I believe that Tom (Artistic) and Gelish founder (Danny Haile) in fact were both original founders of Ez Flow - one of the great Acrylic and Gel nail companies.   Because I have always presumed they were the same product I never really looked any further than Gelish as I have always been more than happy with that.  However, over time what I have noticed that some of the colours that have been launched by Artistic were starting to look a little different than those of Gelish - so I decided to investigate a little bit more.

 As I said before Tom is much sought after by many Hollywood A-listers and I picked up he was inspired by one of his clients Victoria Beckham for 2 of the Artistic Colours - Posh and Vogue.  So I decided to go ahead and buy them.

Here is me wearing the colour Vogue:   Described as "The perfect blend of deep purple with the sparkle to give it the essential fashion edge".   I wouldnt describe it as 'purple' but has a hint of 'plum and mocha' colours in it.  I think it looks a little light in the photo compared to the actual.


Tom is fantastic at designing very classic trendy colours that remind me of the many fabulous fashion houses like Chanel and Armani to name but a few.  This is I think what does set it apart from Gelish - just seems more upper class in its image and style (although I still dont think the products are any different).

I dont have any actual photos of the other colour "posh" I bought yet  but I will update you when I do.  It is described as - A stunningly elegant nude!!!! :)

I can see many more purchases of the Artistic Colours in the future - no doubt influenced by all the new seasons colours as they happen.

So - have you heard much about Artistic Nail Design?  What do you think?

In my usual style I had to "bling it up" a little and added some Konad nail art:

The vogue colour does look a little darker in this picture and more like its true to life colour.

What colours do you guys see as being the new trend for the Autumn season?

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