Sunday, 31 July 2011

Swarovski/Diamonte Crystal Toes Pedicure

I first saw these pedicures advertised last year when they were launched in the industry.  Basically, individual crystals are applied one at a time to the toe nails to give the ultimate "toe nail bling".     Lovers of this treatment include Holly Willoughby and was featured on the "This Morning Show"

Beautiful as they looked I decided at the time not to advertise this pedicure at Beauty by Theresa due to the fact that many clients would not be willing to pay for the cost of this treatment.  You imagine how long it takes to apply these one at a time, plus the cost of the actual crystals themselves.

So, a few weeks ago I had a call from a lovely client (who I havent seen before) asking if I did these pedicures.  After a little discussion over the time and cost involved I agreed to carry out the treatment on a test basis.

Well - here is the result: 

What do you think?

The thing is the photo doesnt do it justice and doesnt show how beautiful and "blingy" these stones really are!  

I use between 250 and 300 individual stones and it took over 2 and half hours to do!  Overall I am really pleased with how it went - for my first treatment of this type.  There are things I have learned from it and things I may do a little different next time but I will now be adding this to my treatment menu.   These weren't actual Swarovski stones but in my opinion worked really, really well!

It can be done  on all 10 toes (as featured here) or can be featured on the big toes only with either silver minx or sparkly glitter on the remaining toes.

The cost will vary depending on the treatment done but you can be expected to pay from £40 for a featured crystal toe and from £60 for a full set.

So tell me - is this something you would have done and would be willing to pay for?  Have you ever had it done?  What did you think? 

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  1. If I had the moeny, I would definately get it because it looks do nice! You did a really good job! I first saw these on SalonGeek about 3 months ago. I don't think it will become a common trend though because nobody has the money these days. I think the treatment should be more expensive because of all the hard work, effort, and concentration that you do :D

  2. This looks AMAZING!!! I want it on my toes! xoxo

  3. wow it looks gorgeous!!
    i wouldnt pay it personally because i dont have that kind of money but as a special occasion perhaps,, such as a wedding or something!

  4. Well the stones are still on and looking fab. Thanks a lot hun, you did a brilliant job especially as you had never done it before xx

  5. Your welcome and thank you for your lovely comments.

    Its fab to see that they are all still in tact. Your beautiful toes have certainly sparked lots of conversation with lots of clients! x x x

  6. This is gorgeous! I tried this when I very first got my hands on some rhinestones in high school and mine was all over the place :) you did a gorgeous job, especially for never having done it before.