Friday, 29 July 2011

Gelish Aurora Efx - Update

As promised, I said I would update you all when the Gelish Aurora Efx range arrived here at Beauty by Theresa - and guess what?????    They are here!!!!! :)

Had a busy, busy client day yesterday so havent had much chance to play yet but got up eager this morning to start playing:

There are 6 in the collection and I have done all 6 on the colour wheel on the left without any layering done - so in their true colours.  Some of them work really well like that and I think some will work better layered over other colours from the Gelish range.   

What I can tell you is that photos dont give a true reflection of the 3d colour in this range.  So - you need to see them in flesh so to speak to appreciate the different effect these really give!

I am going to have a play with some layering of colours shortly so you can see how the colours change - so yet again - watch this space!


  1. could you please write which color is which on this picture

  2. could you please write the colors for the picture