Saturday, 8 December 2012

Xmas Nail Art Designs No 1 - Be Creative Sowman

Its been a while since I published any nail designs so thought this time of year would be appropriate to show you what fantastic nail designs there are out there for Christmas.

So which better to start with than one of my own fantasy designs all created using the Be Creative Nail Art products that I use to teach to my students Nail Art here in the UK:

The nail display base itself was created in UV gel using an Arabella Fantasy Nail Forms that is great for practicing and creating fab nail designs without having to rely on having somebodies finger!  I will do a separate blog post at some point discussing the Arabellas in more detail. The blue sky colour was done using Colour Gloss gel polish by Artistic Nail Design.  

The Snowman was all done using the Be creative Gel Paint, which is great to work with as you can achieve colour blending that cant be done with traditional acrylic paint but also doesn't dry until cured under UV or LED light giving time to perfect the design.

The stars were done quickly and easily using the Be Creative Nail Art Pen, which again I will do a separate blog post for at some point.

The snow effect  was done using the Be Creative Velveteen which gives a real velvet feel to the nails.

All Be Creative products are available from Beauty by Theresa to buy and will all be listed on the professional products to purchase tab soon. 

So - what do you think?

Look out for a  new Xmas Nail Design every day between now and Christmas Day.

x x x Enjoy x x x

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