Sunday, 19 June 2011

Nail Design of the Day - Gelish Silver Fade with Black and White Design

Here is the latest set of Gelish design nails I am currently wearing:

 I wanted a design that matched any colour scheme, was a little different and - as I had a creamy colour last time I missed my 'little bit of bling' so I just had to base the design around the bling that I love.
I know this next 3 weeks is going to probably be as busy as the last 3 weeks so I might not get time to keep changing my nail design for a while so wanted something where the cuticle growth wasnt so obvious.  I know that Gelish Semi Permanent Gel Polish would give me the 3 week wear with no chips and extra strength - so this what I ended up with.

So - what do you guys think? 

The thumb has the same black and white swirl design on it too - ideal for me to see when I am typing on my I-phone  as it is my thumb that gets all the exercise there.  So ideal to remind me what a fab set of nail designs I have.


  1. Hello dear, I just tagged you in my blog:
    Have a nice day :)

  2. Wonderful nail design!It's simple but really attractive!